Meet the Characters

Dr. Serina Spencer

Height: 5'3 on a good day-- two inch heels included. Green eyes, the color of a cat ready to pounce. Long, wavy auburn hair.

A young, colorblind enchantress with the special ability to heal others without medicine. Her other powers include telepathy and pyrokinetics, to which she has found there is a learning curve. Spells never quite go the way she intends. Her evenings are spent either caring for orphans or making Eden's Black Rose, a perfume from the black roses in her garden, until a man lands ravaged by a vampire on her door stoop. Decisions, decisions! Save him and risk exposing her secrets or lose the man she has literally dreamt of her entire life.

Lucian St. James

Height: 6'4. Silvery-blue eyes, jet-black shoulder length curly hair and plump, pouty lips.

Lucian is the fifth heir to the throne unless some pogrom disrupts the cozy comforts of home. His sense of humor guides his journey through life. He is passionate about nothing until he awakens in a carriage with a green eyed beauty buried within his loins. Doing what, he wonders??? Their chance encounter leads them down a primrose path of sensuality, lust and love. Unfortunately, the path has bumps. Don't they all! Lucian and his sister find they are the object of a triumvirate of nefarious vampires out for the crown jewels and they don't care who they crown to get them. Lucian tops the list!

Andre St. James

Andre` is Lucian's identical twin with the exception of their eye color. Andre`'s eyes are so deep blue they appear black. Hexed at birth by a black witch and a avaricious vampire, Andre`, Lucian and Raven grew up believing they were cousins. Not so, they are triplets. Andre` and Lucian's relationship is put to the test on Lucian's honeymoon, because vampires don't play by the same set of rules mortals do.

Raven St. James

Height: 5'7. Jet black hair, straight. Jeweled sapphire blue eyes. The spiting image of her brothers except she's one hundred percent sultry female.

A tall beauty, with a serious case of agoraphobia after being raped and almost eaten alive years earlier. Lucian is her world until the walls come crumbling down around them again. On a night when there should have been cause for celebration, Raven and Lucian find themselves in a fight for survival. Meeting Serina, Raven finds a sister she always wanted. She also finds out all men are not created equal when she meets her new chef. Time to whip up some fun in the kitchen.

Xavier Sinclair

Xavier is a jealous, narcissistic gent with a hubris unequalled. He has a flare for flesh... Raven's to be precise! Xavier wears a red marble as a badge of honor in place of an eye Raven gouged from him.

Jasper Black

A rogue vampire with a morose sense of humor. Follows Lucian and Serina wherever they go better than their shadows.

Chyna St. James

Presumed dead. Was... for three days... but crawled back from the underbelly of the world to spread her theory Hell is freezing over, and she's the eye of the storm.